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  • Eutectic Welding Process

    A special process to overcome the handicaps of the fields related to per and post heat, heat of application, base metal distortion and dilution, cracking, bond strength, amperage ranges, weldabililty and solidification rates using special filler alloys by tungsten inert gas, a welding, process for critical applications requiring high quality weld.

  • Thermal spraying Process

    A wide range of powder alloys which are spread with special delivery systems are available for spraying metallic powders of fusible and non-fusible grades. These can be used for reclaiming worn out parts.

  • Process Cold Welding

    A revolutionary process / concept in the field of repairs and protective maintenance. These products are three dimensionally stable compounds, which form a strong bond with virtually all industrial base metals. They offer quick, simple and cost effective repair solutions for a wide spectrum of worn out and damaged components. It offers a huge potential of savings in time, money and resources.